by Neil Hinchley

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Hidden underneath the bed, guarded by dust bunnies, nestled between the unused exercise equipment and used up porno mags. A tape.

Old songs, new songs, birds chirping, rain falling. And what about banjo, you ask? Yes, is all I can say.

Unmastered and presented to you, dear listener. Curl up, hunker down, and wait for the winter with me.


released May 20, 2015

Additional sounds provided by Enid Blackwell.
Artwork by Neil Adare.



all rights reserved


Neil Hinchley Toronto, Ontario

Oh, hello! I didn't see you come in. I'm TV's Neil. I make music in my bedroom. I sleep there too so, you know, I make efficient use of space. If you like things, then you'll probably like my music.

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Track Name: Ain't it Hard (Peaked Version)
Ain't it hard, ain't it hard to make it through the night
When the one who keeps you warm has left without a fight
And you shiver and you moan, in a house that ain't a home
And the bed that once was shared is lonely and so bare
And I don't mean to scare you away with all the gloomy things I say
I just can't think of other things to sing
So I'll sleep right through the winter until the spring
I'll sleep through 'til the spring

Ain't it hard?
Yeah it's hard.
Track Name: Folk Song (Late Night Version)
If I had a nickel for every time I ever moved around
I'd have a stack that went so high that I could build a home
Oh my darling, won't you let me in?
Oh my darling, I could be your friend

If I had a word for every time I ever played along
I'd have enough to fill a page and write a sad sad song
Oh my darling, you will never see
Oh my darling, I could let you be

If I had an empty glass and head of memories
All my friends would come on out and have a drink with me

Oh my darling, you were mighty fine
Oh my darling, but you just weren't mine
Track Name: Greenpoint Girls
Came to ramble, came to roam
I came to the city just to lose my cares from home
Under prepared, under the weather
I'm spending all my money just going back to and fro

I told my friend that it happened again when I got off the train and headed up to Franklin
I fall in love at the drop of a hat, I promised myself I wouldn't put myself through that
Got distracted by a girl in sunglasses
There goes my reason down the drain

You can only hide so long before you want to play
A pretty thing will come along and leave you helpless and astray
But the Greenpoint girls won't leave your heart alone

I told my friend that it happened again with the girl behind the bar and another that was buying a drink
And when we left there was one on the street in a big floppy hat and a scarf down to her feet

And I can only take so much before I go insane
When my luck does turn around I won't forget these days
But the Greenpoint girls won't leave your heart alone

Don't know why
Can't say when
This keeps happening over and over again
Track Name: Spring Cleaning
Well it's been over a year, dead of winter yet again
And those gloves they were a gift, but they're looking kind of thin
They're splitting at the seams and letting in the wind
I think I'll give them up, think I'll pack them in

When you give away a thing you lose a little bit
Of who you were before and what you could have been
But underneath the snow there's a scent that could be spring
So let's just shrug it off, let's be anything

Now I got room for you so just pull up a chair
And tell me about the things you used to be
You got a lonely smile and I got some cracking skin
But hey at least the sun's still out past four

So tell me some more
Track Name: Sugar Baby
Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now
Don't know what I can do, seek peace with you
Can't get along this a-way, can't make a living this way

Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now
Got no use for the red rocking chair
Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now

Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now
Laid her in the shade, gave her every dime I made
What more could a poor boy do, what more could a poor boy do

Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now
Don't know what I can do, said all I can say
Send it to your mama next payday, send you to your mama next payday

Got no sugar baby now, got no honey baby now
Who'll rock this cradle, who'll sing this song
Who'll rock this cradle when I'm gone

Got no sugar baby now